Circling Nights

This innovative practice is captivating people across the world because of it’s simplicity, instant impact and depth.

Circling is a real eye opener into how to come home to yourself and see powerfully how you relate with others-a whole new paradigm in communication. Most of all it is a natural way to experience mystery and magic in everyday life.

After helping spread Circling to 15 different countries Circling Europe are starting a regular Circling evening in Amsterdam. With a big team of leaders we’ll be catering to both those completely new to the practice and those deeply experienced in it. We’ll be running these nights every two weeks.

Circling helps develop the following:

– A deep sense of living from the moment
– Being skilfully in touch with your body and emotions
– Finding a deep trust in yourself and others
– More power and influence in your communication
– Seeing your relational blind spots that hinder your relationships
– Getting closer to what most deeply inspires you in life
– A deeper sense of letting go
– Magical collective experiences
– More empathy, sensitivity and compassion with others
– An ability to feel more and live in alignment
– Transpersonal experience


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